life is a poem..I am Gaurav Pande. Indian. Masters in Computer Science.
Worked as engineering teacher and freelancer. Currently working at Teradata Corporations.

I realized that, sooner or later, somehow our life all becomes a constant struggle between money and love. For all luxuries  we long for, we keep our efforts to earn more and more and a little more money; at the same time we curse ourselves for our inability to make time for our loved ones, for the things we love to do.

This blogging website is to touch different corners of life,money and love. A little effort from my side to keep doing what pleases me the most..Writing.

Articles are about how to save, invest or make money, how to deal with life in better way and how to love, how to be loved 🙂

Just Keep Reading !

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I am Dhiraj Bhole. Indian. Lives in a Mumbai  Completed graduation in Bachelor of Accounts and Audit from Mumbai University. Now have took up Chartered Accountancy as professional studies and will be becoming one in a year or two.

Life, Money and Love is very integral part of our lives and us being part of society we are constantly challenged about balancing trade off between Life be it social, personal or professional and Financing all needs in those part of lives and yet giving and taking of deserved Love to and from people from those part of lives.

I am a strong believer of continuous evolution in our lives. Thus, we are here to share our thoughts upon the small or big things you can do for better evolution.

I will be here to discuss majorly about Money part but expect from me few words from other topics also.

Happy reading.