Hi Friends,

  After this website got a little exposure, some writers contacted me to ask if they can write a Guest Post here and I said why not? Everybody deserves an opportunity, right?
Long back, when I started writing, some good people motivated me to read and write more and maybe that’s the reason I write and can speak in public. I will love to give such opportunity to newbie writers by letting them writing a guest post.

write a Guest Post

Come,write a Guest Post

Some points to be remembered before submitting guest post. 

1. 100% original

I believe in originality. Copy-Pasting from internet wouldn’t help either of us.

2.  Life, Money and Love

The article should be on above three niches. Play around them the way you want.  articles can be about money saving, investments,brands or love and relationships or you can even touch different aspects of life.

3. Explicit content and images are NO-NO

Here guest posts on sensitive issues are absolutely welcome, authors can include appropriate images as well but explicit images will not be permitted. 

Send your posts on lifemoneyandlove@gmail.com .

If you have written articles online before then do provide it’s link so to judge your writing skills. 

(I give feedback on the articles published on lifemoneyandlove.com if author insists. :)) 

So, willing to write your thoughts? Just pen them down and mail me 🙂 I will publish them as a Guest Post with your name as author if they are good enough and within the guidelines mentioned for the guest post.