Happy Birthday LifeMoneyandLove

Writing has always been my passion, writing poetry and public speaking is where I find my real soul. From last one year, I have been diving deep to find it by writing at www.lifemoneyandlove.com

Back in those days when I was not working full-time, I thought what could get me a decent job?
I was aware of Java, but Web development was a distant galaxy for me.

To be honest, I never liked HTML, CSS, PHP; but I always loved the new features website templates offer.
I had never created a website in my curriculum, so before opting for full-time IT profession, I thought, “Boy, someday, you would need knowledge of building a Website.”
Had two options, either go for some highly paid overrated instructor based course, or learn it yourself. With all self-belief, I went for the rough road.
Thanks to so many beautiful templates out there on WordPress and some pro bloggers to help out, it was not that difficult.

Now, another question, Go live or not to go live? (Sorry Shakespeare, but I couldn’t resist 😛 ) I decided to chip in, mainly because I know how ridiculously lazy I am ! 😛

So many free blogs and FB pages I had started, and let them die an inactive death later.

I realized that unless I put my own hard-earned money into writing, I wouldn’t be consistent.
So, I decided to buy domain name, now what it shall be? another big question. After a lot of thinking and this and that, I decided to go for a wide niche, which would cover, life, money and love; three pillars of our existence.

I bought hosting and on this day, 28 Feb 2015, www.lifemoneyandlove.com went LIVE.

It has been an exponential learning curve. Many articles started just to keep website active and ended up in writing a ‘Goodread’.

It had been a dry run in the start but as they say, ‘Content is the King’, started receiving mails and comments of appreciation gradually,

Later on, We started receiving regular requests from bloggers around the world to write guest posts on website.

Lifemoneyandlove, a little website, started just for fun and learning, turning into a blogger’s community and a nice collection of quality articles :).

It would be unfair not to mention my good friend and main finance writer of the website Dhiraj Bhole, a Chartered Accountant aspirant himself, Dhiraj wrote many informative articles about finance over the past year which highlights his knowledge and thinking process.

Last but not the least..

THANK YOU all our subscribers, readers and contributors. All those who had put efforts to take out time out of their life to write mails of appreciation., all those who shared it on social media, even those who contacted me personally to support.

This journey wouldn’t have been so amazing without support of you all.

Love you all !!

Just Keep Reading…

– Gaurav Pande




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