How To know If You Are Really In Love?

‘How To Know If You Are Really In Love?’.. Isn’t it the question every single teenager has asked to self at least once? not just teenagers, even adults face the same crisis on the turns of their lives. How shall we know if the attraction towards a person is sign of love or just a crush or mere physical attraction?

I would like to list down some signs which I believe indicates love.

Here are 10 signs to know whether you are in love.

1.  No Sleep

Yes ! Sleep will definitely elude you when you will fall in love. Its not like that you wont get sleepy. It is more like, you wouldn’t want to sleep. Not just to chat, even to think about your love.  If you wish that the night shouldn’t end; take it as the first clue. 😉


2. Illusions


who is that girl

If you notice that every day when you walk on the road, you are secretly hoping for a surprise meeting with ‘someone’, be sure that love is slowly blooming inside your heart.

3. No one else is attractive

If no one else seems attractive to you as she/he is. Yup, you would consider her/him more charming than Scarlett Johansson or Ashton Kutcher. 😛


4. Are you using her name as your password?

My password is my love

My password is my love

Well, this is certainly one of the sign; we don’t change passwords for crush. People keep passwords which they will remember at any hour of the day. What is the better option than the name of the one who steals your sleep? 😉


5. Day-Dreaming in love

Love is Daydreaming

Love is Daydreaming


Day dreaming is common when we fall in love. We keep dreaming about how good will be the time when you and your love will be together forever.

6. Urge to share your joys and sorrows

If you miss ‘that’ person when you are in the moments of extreme pleasure and when you are the most upset; be sure that you are wishing to be with that person for a long run.


7. NOT thinking about Sex

If you are obsessed with sexual emotions toward that person and that is the only thing which you find attractive about her/him, then it is unlikely to be the love. Good chances that the feeling of attraction would not last long.  When you are in love, you think more about the person, how your relationship would be. Sex is not something you would keep thinking about.

8. Not afraid of commitment

 Love is Commitment

Love is Commitment


If you are not afraid of making a commitment with the person and feel sure about the feelings which you have, then it is Love.

9. Goosebumps

Do you get goosebumps when you talk with that person? Do your heartbeats rise? Are you extra cautious while talking to her/him ? Then, welcome to the kingdom of love.

Last One is the most important one !!!

10. ‘YOU KNOW IT’!

I have tried to give some clues by which you can guess whether you have really fallen into love or not. But the biggest clue is, if you are really in love, YOU KNOW IT! You will have that ‘distinct feeling’ which I can’t really describe in words (More than half of the world literature has tried to describe the same 😛 ).  That feeling will last forever. Every morning you will wake up with it and will sleep with the same.

If you are sure if you have that feeling then come-on , Go and Get Your Love ! 🙂

– Gaurav






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