How to save money on food

Friends, believe it or not, we spend a lot, really a lot of money on food.

we don’t realize it because the expenditure is not like shopping where you spend a bulk sum in a day; even if we realize, we don’t research enough to find how to save money on food on a daily basis.

Food habits definitely make an impact on monthly budget. with today’s’ 9-hours-not-enough work life, most of the times eating outside is inevitable. The frustration of work increases when at the end of the month bank balance barely shows any improvement since previous month. Saving some more bucks on eating habits just might give your balance a push. Moreover, a little extra saving has very positive emotional impact when we head to next month.

Enough with introduction, let me tell you how to save money on food everyday..

1. Home Breakfast

Having breakfast at home is very important, both for health and for saving. Many people have their breakfast outside or may be at office.

This can definitely be avoided with a plan. Waking up 10 minutes earlier than usual can give us time to make it for ourselves.

Sometimes we are really late or tired to do it, nothing wrong in having it outside once in a while. Just we need to make sure that we are not making it a habit.

 2. Wholesale buying

If you can buy stuff for a month, then what’s the use of buying for a day?

Some food stuff is perishable; there is no way you can keep it long. Some vegetables you can keep for good 4-5 days, but I don’t recommend it. Eating Fresh vegetables is better for the health.

But some food stuff like grains,Tea/Coffee powder, and edible oil we can buy in bulk. It not only saves time and money of travelling again and again to the shops but also, helps us to get thing at discounted price as we buy in wholesale. It seems a tedious task to buy things in wholesale, but when it comes to cutting on expenses on food, wholesale buying helps a lot.

 3.  Get rid of chewing gum habits

how to save money on food

save money on unnecessary habits like chewing gums.

Are you the one who can’t catch a break from chewing gums, or tic tacs? Stop it right now!

First of all, no one considers us ‘cool’ for chewing gum all the time. It is not a good health habit,moreover some people may consider us disrespectful if we chew gum while talking with them.

The habit is not adding anything to our personality and health and it is empties our packet dollar by dollar.

4. One Cup Less..

one cup less coffee can save a couple of bucks everyday

Drink one cup less

This may be sound a stupid one. You might be saying there, “Come on Gaurav, Not my coffee!”  😛

Sorry guys, but have to state this one too. Almost all of us are fond of some beverage, Tea, Coffee, Cold-drinks for some people.

Let’s not get into whether you like filtered coffee or espresso, I won’t impishly suggest to stop drinking your favorite beverage suddenly.
I just recommend to cut it by a cup. If you are in the league of 8 cups a day, please step down and join 7 cups league $

(Am I asking for too much? Let me know in the comments 😀 ).

Presuming some days you would avoid a cup at home and some days in shops, average cup cost comes to 1.4-1.5 $. So in one year you can save almost 550 $. Does it still sound stupid? 😉


Do you know any more tricks to save money on food ?
Let us know.

– Gaurav 

(  Coming up with some more ‘how to save money’ tricks soon.. )


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