Life Money and Love – First Post

Hi Friends,

I am Gaurav, writing the very first post on my website. As you must have noticed, I am going to write about life and the impact it takes from our approach toward money and love. Most of the frustrations and joys of our life are more or less due to these two angels (or devils ?). Though the topic seems philosophical and earning money , preserving love and at the same time experiencing life and find it’s meaning looks like a mammoth task or something like a mirage in desert; I believe some small tips and talks can help to get things smoother. .

MONEY .. There are hundreds of religions in the world and almost all of them believes in existence of superior power generally considered as The God. And yet, everything which goes on this planet earth revolves around a man made entity..Money ! How Ironic !

I strongly believe that saving money intelligently is as important as earning it. Moreover, by saving a little extra money gives us a lot of extra time which we often waste in the worries of financial balancing.I will be suggesting some thoughts of mine about different ways of earning/saving money on this blog. I hope that will help.  Earning or Saving a few more bucks than usual is key to better lifestyle, health and an opportunity to invest our time in better and noble causes.

LOVE … Our entire life revolves around this word ? doesn’t it ? What is more important ? Love or Money ? Half of the world literature and arts have been created in order to answer this question. I too will contribute a little to the question every now and then on this blog. However, I will try to keep my approach ideal as well as realistic. I will be talking about work-life balance, relationships, family etc.

LIFE… Love money work and everything which matters for us has its existence because of the beautiful gift of life which we have got. At the end of the day, our approach towards life matters. Approach decides whether we are gonna make it or break it ! I would definitely talk about life on the blog. well, don’t worry, I have no intentions to bore you . but I will put some words for that. Who knows, during our reading and commenting, we just might get a new eye to see the world. Worth a try ?

Gaurav Pande

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