Palestinian woman plants flowers in bombs

I saw a photograph on internet of a Palestinian woman while reading an article on Logical Indian, this woman has planted flower plants in the empty tear gas bombs. She has been using them like a flower-pot and there were hundreds of flower plants in the photograph.

Palestinian woman plants flowers in bombs

Palestinian woman plants flowers in bombs (Image Source – Internet)

Not so often I am left so speechless, but this time I was. There were just no words coming into my mind to frame what this woman is doing.

My heart started beating a little faster.

Was I Happy ?


Did I think that War in Gaza will stop ?

Noo !

Then what happened ?

What was so special in that ?

I decided to write about it and thus, meeting you with this article.

The picture is not just yet another save environment pic, nor it is of the ‘Save Gaza’. It is symbolic. It is a mirror. It is a repository of courage left in the people who has witnessed war and blood shed for their entire lifetime.

First thought came in my mind,
“Has she lost her any dear one in war ?”

I don’t know,
probably yes..
But then what ?

What people do when they lose someone..
In terror attacks, in riots.. How often death of a person triggers riots and further violence.

And what this woman is doing ?

Is she abusing attackers ?
NO !
Is she building walls for herself ?
NO !
is she trying to fight back with a Gun ?
No !

…She is planting flower plants….

Where ?

In the empty tear gas bombs’ canisters.

Are flowers blooming ?
YES !!!

This Palestinian woman has seen destruction and intensity of bloody wars and she very well knows that next bomb can come flying and burn out her whole garden.

But what is there in her which is giving her spirit to still go on ?

Hope ?


Grit ?


But most of all,


Her belief that her spirit will triumph.

Her belief that war is NOT never-ending.

Her belief that flowers can be bloomed in the bombs.

Her belief that even bombs can bloom flowers.

I am giving a philosophic touch here, but just think about it..

Would a woman who thinks of a bomb as a flowerpot be judging people as Jewish and Muslims ?
I hardly think so !

Is she making money out of it ? Again, not probable.

Then what is she achieving ?

She is giving out a message….


without uttering a single word…

What her message is saying ?

Probably something like this.

” We, common people living in the war zone do have a say in it. We don’t have hatred about anyone, no matter what is the religion. We don’t care who wins the war. Our lives are destroyed and it is not gonna get undone. But we have not lost hopes. We believe in the beauty of life. We are not cold-hearted who would kill people; if you give us bombs, we wont throw them back again. We wont play fire with fire. Rather, we would plant them with flowers.. Because, WE ARE GOOD PEOPLE. “

When a Malala says, ” One woman can change the world. ” It is not just a quote to publish. She mean it.

And this mighty woman has played her role in doing that. She has bloomed a garden with her wit.

She is not just a Palestinian woman anymore.

By her small act with a big message, she has become an icon, a representative of endurance of all women around the world who are ready to outlast their foes with their love, belief and patience..

– Gaurav Pande

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