Shaktiman is Dead !

Yes.. Shaktiman is dead, a perfect horse in Service of Indian Police. Thanks to brutal and barbaric beating he took from a BJP MLA.

Our readers might be wondering, why I am investing my time in writing about a horse. I must tell you that the reason is not death of a horse. I am writing this article to give a wake-up call to everyone who is sick of goons and bullies around.

Although media took a good shot at the incident, may be because its video footage was available, what was its aftermath? Were accused punished?


Let’s try to judge what is going around us by means of this incident.

  1.  A MLA beats a horse barbarically to break its leg.
  2.  Police is present at the incident but is reluctant to interrupt.
  3.  Accused gets arrested, but as expected gets bail.

    4. After a month long battle for survival, now that mighty horse Shaktiman is dead!

    5. We all read news in newspaper, online portals, blog, shake head and DO NOTHING.

Let’s not look at this incident as just a death of horse.

The incident is symbolic in itself.
What is going on here? Are our political parties choosing their candidates wisely?

That horse is a symbol of our society which can’t really speak for itself and enduring shots one after another.


Shaktiman is dead



It’s not about just one political party.

ALL of them had such incidents happened before. All political parties in our country have ridiculous percentage of ‘criminal-record-still-elected’ candidates in Parliament, state assembly, corporation.

The condition of common man around is more or less helpless. He is watching White collar money laundering, bullies bullying people around, but deciding to ignore them anyway. Common man refraining himself from wrong doings happening in the society is much bigger problem than terrorism.

Do we have solution for it?

Make a pattern.

What do you think? Why these political parties give opportunity to criminals to participate in elections under their flags?

It is because they have seen A PATTERN.

A pattern which tells them that no matter their criminal record, people would vote for them if these criminals lure them with monetary gain.

We all together need to BREAK this pattern.
Make a promise to yourself that you won’t vote for criminal, no matter to which political party they belong.

Show these political parties a new pattern emerging.

Can we all do it?


Last but not the least, coincidentally, name of that mighty horse was Shaktiman.
‘Shaktiman’ is name of the most loved superhero of an entire generation of India who is in twenties and representing a major part of Indian youth.


Shaktiman is dead


What was the USP of this mesmerizing serial?

Shaktimaan, a superhero fighting against crime and injustice is Gangadhar, an over-ordinary common man, to keep his secret identity. The message of that iconic character was simple and effective; there lies an extraordinary hero within every ordinary man.

And such Ordinary heroes are definitely around us, who are blowing whistles against crime and injustice and corruptions. It’s time to put our hands together to help them.

If we really want to see picture of this country to change, it’s time we all Gangadhars summon Shaktiman in ourselves.

Shall we??

Gaurav Pande


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