The Twin Towers Attack – 15 Years Flashback

So 15 years have passed.. 15 years since I saw the most bizarre and horrific incident of my life.. LIVE on television !

That incident changed the course of progress of human race.
It changed the way we look at a stranger.
It changed the way diplomacy had been in the world.
It changed the direction of thinking of everyone in the world.
The most fundamental problems in the world, poverty, illiteracy, lack of hygiene and health awareness, hunger all were put on the last page of discussion of all countries and United Nations.

That horrific incident just dumbfounded all the sanity and  course of life.

Exactly 15 years ago.. On 11 September 2001…The Twin Towers of world trade center.. Icons of wealth and fiscal strength of United Nations were grounded to dust by 2 hijacked civil aeroplanes, full with citizens.

the twin towers attack

The Twin Towers Attack (Image Source – Internet)

Thousands of innocent citizen died and most of them were in the twin towers for their regular work, without slightest notion that death is roaring toward them in the form of a passenger plane.

This was not the first terrorist attack in the world, nor first on America. But it was certainly most devastating. It unmasked an unimaginable depth of terrorism, a plan impossible to imagine but worked out, showing sheer strategic strength of terror group determined to use it for devastation.

Al-Qaeda.. An Islamic terror group led by Osama Bin Laden was subject for everything happened on global stage for months and years after that attack..

New York Times editor aptly said after 9/11 terror attack,
“The World is never going to be same again…”

How correct he was !

That one incident disturbed whole existence of human race on the planet.

Just recall what happened in last 15 years..

George W. Bush, United states then president declared indefinite war against terrorism after the twin towers attack.

United States  used pilot-less drones and threw million tons of explosives on Afghanistan in order to break the spine of Al Qaeda.

Later on, United States invaded Afghanistan with support of Briton and since then all mouths are shut in Afghanistan and the only thing which talks there is THE GUN !

Life of all citizen disturbed and Afghanistan is since then falling in the bottomless well of terror and inhumanity.

After dethroning existing government in Afghanistan, United Nations planned the ultimate climax to this warfare, avenging death of thousands in massacre of 9/11 by killing Osama Bin Laden in a super secret operation performed by their mighty special task soldiers.

United states after having their hands strong in middle east Asia started another war which world watched helplessly. America declared war against Iraq, allegedly claiming that the nation has undeclared Nukes and chemical weapons.

Fightback by Iraq was futile and America had decisive victory in just over a week. The main task was never to win Iraq, it was always how to keep peace after it and in spite of spending a huge sum and sacrificing life of hundreds of soldiers, Iraq-Afghanistan never returned to state of peace and disturbance of world equilibrium accelerated..

This all later lead to revolution in Libya, Syria and rise of ISIS..
I won’t elaborate more on that here as that is the topic of an another article in itself..

But just think about how dramatically things have been escalated in last 15 years. The twin towers attack claimed life of thousands and the war followed claimed that of millions. Most of the critics have accused united states of being bullish on the middle east and pushing wars for their own ‘oily’ gains and I would not deny that as it is quite true if case of Iraq is considered.

But, think from united states point of view as well. As ruler of country what would have been your reaction after such a horrific incident ? United nations strategists might have seen future failures as well, but considering strong emotional push, united states were forced to start direct actions against terrorists and once a war starts no one can predict it’s end.

Now with rise of Islamic States the world has seen hideous face of inhuman cruelty with videos of beheading getting viral on social media. Attacks in Paris, Brussels, Benue, Nice, Baghdad etc have pushed our world inch by inch to an inevitable apocalypse.

Its time to close our eyes and just think where are we heading ? When you will pray for those who have died in the twin towers attack today, also spare a moment of empathy for all those innocent people who have died in this indefinite war by either United states or by terrorists. Their only fault was that they were at the places they shouldn’t have been.

children in war

Do remember that we have failed all those children who have lost their parents, their loved ones, their dreams about future and their tender and beautiful childhood. 🙁
No matter to which nation we belong. We can’t run away from the fact that the world is declining toward the darkest future valley  and we are not really doing anything about it.




Today, on

15th anniversary of the twin tower attack,

The incident which triggered this all. I feel empathy toward all those innocents who lost their lives due to terrorism and the war.

May these casualties lead us to sanity. May their soul rest in peace.



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