valentine day : a social study

Valentine day sums up a week long love celebration.

Rose day, Chocolate day, hug day, kiss day, teddy day.. and what not ?

There has always been polarizing opinions about Valentine day celebration.

moreover, the debates between single folks and committed ones.  In an era of social media, everyone is seen taking a dig at the other side.


Valentine Day


So what we typically see at a valentine day ?

Here is a social study ..

  1. Many people plan to gather courage and express their love on this day.
  2. Those who have already expressed decide to celebrate it; by conveying love and affection toward each other.
  3. There are some who decide to celebrate and shout it out to the social media
  4. There are some who are committed but doesn’t really care about valentine.
  5. There are some who are single and doesn’t care about valentine.
  6. There are some who are single ( kinda frustrated may be 😛 ) and set social media’s on rampage by mocking valentine day, valentine dates and the carnival of love.

so now don’t ask me who is right or wrong. I believe everybody has their own opinion about things which they believe is right.

Nothing wrong in that..

But, let’s be a little wise and try to look at the things like a mature and smart person.

Case 1 :- 

You have a partner for valentine. Awesome !

Do celebrate the day. Have a romantic dinner together.

Exchange gifts. Even take some pictures together. Let them be a part of your memory lane.

What not to do ?

Avoid over sharing on social media. Nobody really minds seeing a couple of pics of a happy couple, but make it 100 and people will start getting annoyed with notifications, feeds. ( if you are seeking likes and +1s and re-tweets, remember sharing abundantly is the last thing you wanna do for that. )

Basically, just remember that not everything in our life is to be posted on social media. Social media are part of a huge business in itself. Everything we share is used as a ‘data’. So be a little wise, and yes,



Case 2 :- 

So you are single ? Its OK.

Or are you in dilemma, unable to know if you are in love ?

Honestly, having a girlfriend or boyfriend is not an achievement ( Although, maintaining relationship for lifetime would certainly be ). There is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of being single. So, some of your friends have a partner now and you are waiting to meet THE ONE.

It is no reason to be sad. First of all you are saving some money 😛  AND

who has said valentine day is to be celebrated with gf or bf only.

It is a day to express your LOVE.

Don’t you love your mom ? your dad ? your sister ?  or even your pet ?


( Take my word getting a gift or a surprise from you on valentine day would be totally unexpected for your parents and you can make their day memorable, and so do yours )

What not to do ?

Are you the one who is posting and making posts viral on social media which mocks couples celebrating valentine ?

Come on… Don’t be such a loser.  Grow up, don’t be jealous of people just because they are having fun.

Be a matured person. So if your friends are committed you can always send them a little greeting, wishing them best luck for their love life with your blessings.  Believe me you will get some of the most genuine ‘Thank you’ in return.

Not so difficult. Is it ?

Case 3 :- 

So you are the ones who think Valentine MUST NOT be celebrated. You are the one who are least interested in celebrating it and trying to bully those who want to ?

One little question, WHY ?

Let the people who wants to celebrate it have their own good time.

And in the world where people from Asia can communicate with people in US, without paying a single penny, let’s not really take these things into cultural purity debates.

Every culture has something to give. Something to offer for betterment.

In the world of war and violence, the world where hatred is often strangling the soft and tender emotions,  St. Valentine has given message to share and express love as a path to find the depth of our lives.

Yes, you are right, Valentine is like a Brand now !! Yes,  love is there for 365 days. Always, but then why not to express ?

We grow up everyday, but celebrate birthday once in the year.

Take this valentine day just like that !!

No need to make an issue out of it.

Just grab a little rose and give to someone you love


The world would become a little more better place.

wouldn’t it ?

Let us know 🙂

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