Why are we living ?

Have you asked this question to yourself? If haven’t, ask it right now! Ask yourself why are you living? There is a huge difference between ‘being alive’ and ‘living’. Everybody is alive; from a street dog to the richest man on the planet, from a drug addict teenager to the president of America. But not everybody is living their life. And yeah, the example just might mislead. Being successful solely doesn’t mean that you are living and the converse is not true either.

We are we living ?
I believe everybody should have a purpose to live. Living without a reason is as good as not being alive. Does your existence make a difference to anyone? Are you living with a cause? Are living with an aim? And let me remind you again, living is not about earning money. Of course, we want to earn money; everybody wants the life to get luxurious. Living the life is not everything about money but money certainly has a big role to play in it.
No matter who you are, you get only 24 lousy hours in a day. 6-8 hours of which we spend sleeping. We are left with barely 16. 9 hours we work in the office, 2 hours in travel, 2 hours in coffee, breakfast, lunch, and dinner; and now, we are left with 3 precious hours to ‘live’.
What do we do in these 3 hours matters the most. For the most of us, it is about getting rest, may be a nap, watching TV or spending time on social media. Do we have life beyond that? Let me reframe the question. Shall we have life beyond that? My answer is definitely ‘YES’.
Yes we do job at office. So does everyone. What is that which makes us different from others? What is that which makes an identity out of us? For someone, it may be singing, playing guitar, piano, playing some sport, writing, dancing and photography anything which you can think of. Do we excel in that? Say if you are a keen reader, what are you doing with the wisdom you gained from reading? Why not to write a blog about your thoughts? Don’t think about gaining readers as of now; just pen down everything you feel after reading every good book. It will add a new dimension to the reading. My point is, don’t stop living. Make your hobby, your passion a core part of your routine.
And this was just about life as an individual. Living social life is far more important and difficult too. No, I am not talking about being social guy, attending parties, pubs and putting some selfies on instagram or Facebook or twitter. Believe me or not, nobody cares about you are being a part of such social gathering. Even if you are not being present to some disco night, it doesn’t make difference, the dance would be as hard as it would have been with you. Do you have a social existence where your presence make a difference? It is a million dollar question, isn’t it?

We should introspect, each and every day, about what we did, what we do, what we could do, what we haven’t done, living the life is not an eat-job-sleep –repeat. Everyday counts. You are living, if you help others to stand and live their life as well. Being socially active, making a tiny contribution for the betterment of the world is our responsibility. It is what the society expects us to do. It’s an obligation, not a hobby. The moral is, Raise yourself so that you can give a hand down and help others to climb.
Are you with me to live such life?
Let me know! 

– Gaurav

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